Application procedure: competitive entrance exam, motivation interviews​ ​

The entrance exam is based on a selection test. The subjects of the test vary according to the educational tracks.

You have passed the written test of the TamTam digital school entrance exam and you are admitted to the school. But you still have to pass the oral test, and more precisely the motivation interview.

TamTam Digital School gives you all the keys to pass this last step of the exam, which will allow you to integrate our digital school with confidence.

How do I get to an interview?

No matter which school you want to join, the admission procedure is generally the same: after passing the eligibility barrier, you will not escape the oral exams, which may be the very first interview of your life.

It may seem obvious at an interview, but it is imperative to take care of your dress and presentation, even in a “young” environment like digital schools. Get out the holey jeans, little strappy dresses or eliminated sneakers. If the suit is now a bit too formal for girls, a proper and neat outfit is a must, while for boys, a suit or shirt with pants is recommended. Don’t forget to try on your outfits before the interview, to be prepared for the unexpected.

Another point to work on is non-verbal communication. We would be attentive to your body language and eye contact. Work on your posture and attitude beforehand, for example in front of your parents or friends. Don’t stare, arch your back or, of course, put your hands in your pockets.

Finally, to start your interview, think of a quick introduction, in which you introduce yourself and explain why you want to go to a digital school. This will allow you to jump in without too much hesitation and steer the conversation toward the topics you want to discuss.

TamTam Digital School welcomes you.