Client Testimonials

TamTam Digital School is also an entity that works on digital projects with different clients remotely. We have been working on different projects, serving different clients for the past year. The students are equipped with the right capacities in different sectors to deliver satisfactory results to the clients.
We serve digital professionals, corporations, startups as well as established companies. Some of our projects include working with companies from the United States, France as well as Togo.

Examples of client testimonials

Creation of influencer database

TamTam students performed online research for us in the world influencer market. They built a very useful database of influencers by category. Their work was professional and affordable.

VP, Digital Marketing at stealth US startup company

Shankara France ( website Maintenance)

TamTam team has shown great skills in maintaining and developing our website. We were greatly satisfied with the efficiency of his work. They have always been reliable and responsible in her work

Co-Manager at Shankara France

SVG Icon creation

Tamtam Team designed over hundred original digital icons in no time for our project. It saved us time and money. No need for us to license tired existing icons! Thank you so much!!

Lead UX Designer at stealth US startup company

Creation of a database of Synthetic Faces image compression

There are unaccountable freelancers on the Web and there are TamTam students! TamTam students delivered great value for our small company. They created multiple databases of synthetic images in record time. We’ll keep using TamTam students for many more projects.

CEO at stealth US company