Educational Program

Contrary to many digital schools, TamTam does not exclusively train computer programmers and coders. TamTam offers 5 varied educational tracks:

These 5 educational tracks are the foundation of over 50 digital professional careers that are in growing demand throughout the world.

All classes are taught in English.

Our educational tracks

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Software Development & User Interface

The Software Development & User Interface educational track trains professionals whose mission is to create and improve computer programs or to adapt existing software.

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Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

The program trains specialists in numbers, statistics and computer programs that process a company's data to extract information that can help it make decisions.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Influence

The program trains specialists who can determine how to sell a product or service on the web and/or mobile, tablet, how to implement a strategy to achieve quantitative and qualitative objectives.

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eCommerce & Logistics

The eCommerce & Logistics educational track trains specialists capable of finding suppliers and purchasing products from them, stocking products, preparing orders, shipping products after online purchase, and managing possible returns and complaints.

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UI/UX DMT & Digital Arts

The objective is to insert storytelling into the user experience to create emotion in the user by taking into account the user's expectations and needs. It must make the site easy to find, accessible, create trust, easy to handle, credible and productive.