Completed project examples

TamTam Digital School is also an entity that works on digital projects with different clients remotely. We have been working on different projects, serving different clients for the past year. The students are equipped with the right capacities in different sectors to deliver satisfactory results to the clients.
We serve digital professionals, corporations, startups as well as established companies. Some of our projects include working with companies from the United States, France as well as Togo.

Examples of projects TamTam has worked on

Creation of influencer database

This project required us to create a database comprising of detailed information about influencers in different fields. We researched and found information such as private mobile phone numbers, personal email addresses, their residential addresses, the birth countries, the number of followers on social media as well as the ages of these influencers. The project was submitted to a U.S based company.

Shankara France ( website Maintenance)

Shankara France company is a French company specialized in Ayurveda products. They sell yoga products as well as render massage services to clients. TamTam works as a webmaster for Shankara France. TamTam has served “Shankara France” by removing bugs from their website, maintaining the website sanity, adding new features to the website, add good content, remove bad content as well as help them reach more customers online. TamTam continues ensuring that Shankara France improves on its website thereby improving the profitability of the company.

SVG Icon creation

This project consists of TamTam creating icons for the client. We have been able to create more than a hundred (100) icons in a very short period.

Creation of a database of Synthetic Faces image compression

This project consists of downloading ten thousand (10000) synthetic people’s faces to the client which is based in the U.S. We checked people’s faces generated by artificial intelligence on a website and sort them by race. These faces will be used for marketing purposes by the client. TamTam has been able to successfully deliver the project readily on time.

Creation of a database for synthetic artwork

This project consists of searching for and downloading images of artwork to the client. We have been able to find artwork images generated by websites through the help of artificial intelligence. We then created a database in which the images are sorted and arranged and sent to the client which is based in the U.S

For each project, the different students were paid according to the work they have offered. As they work in teams, each student received compensation in terms of money according to the work they offered to the clients.