Lehar Gupta

A business thrives when its employees and customers are happy. Through implementing user-centered research methods and design techniques, I articulate both quantitative and qualitative insights to create a better and more beautiful experience (digital or physical) for people. The business in turn achieves the intended interaction and relationship with its employees and customers, whilst meeting their commercial needs. I have 9+ years of experience in the digital technology field. I have led teams and worked as part of teams for a large number of clients ranging from global Fintechs to e-commerce to smaller startups, taking many concepts through to completion with great success both in the UK and overseas. Also, I am the CEO and founder of ILOVEGREENER which is a mobile application that helps in reducing food waste by providing a meal kit marketplace and an AI-powered pantry for more health-conscious consumers. I believe I can impart these useful skills onto a person who will absorb them, use them, and ultimately create something extraordinary for themselves. I realise how important a mentor has been in shaping my career and I would like to do the same.