On-site day classes, on-site evening classes, and remote classes (location of school)

Online and on-site learning are what we do. We are confident that you will see the difference it makes in our learning experience. Designed with the help of industry experts, our courses are specifically designed to be delivered in a fully collaborative virtual or on-site classroom that prepares you for today’s digital business environment.

When we say “online”, we mean it. We’ve replaced textbooks with free digital materials in almost every course. These resources are customized for each course and updated with the latest industry information. Instead of having to buy expensive textbooks, you’ll use customized materials such as :

In order to allow students to go at their own pace, TamTam Digital School.
has set up :

  • Electronic textbooks
  • Websites
  • Softwares
  • Interactive exercises

You can access your course materials from any device in your online classroom from the start of the course.

Study at any time

You won’t need to log in at fixed times. Most courses have weekly or bi-weekly homework deadlines, but it is up to you to log in when it fits your schedule. Whether you like to study on a certain day of the week, on the weekend, in the morning, or late at night – even if you are abroad or in a remote time zone – you can join our courses with ease.

Learn from practicing academics and experts

Courses are taught by experienced and high-performing academic-practitioners who are leaders in the fields they teach. You will benefit from their varied knowledge and gain the practical, real-world industry knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Through the knowledge they convey, you will also understand the challenges you will face in the world of work.

Collaborate with students and faculty

Online or on-site learning does not mean you learn alone. You will have many opportunities to contribute to discussions, work on group projects, and interact with your classmates. Some programs are offered as a cohort, which means that you will learn alongside the same group of students throughout your program, helping you build strong friendships and network relationships.

Focus on fewer courses at a time

We offer course sessions ranging from one to fourteen weeks depending on your skills so that you can focus on a reduced number of courses while staying on track for graduation. Courses are offered on a credit basis, allowing you to focus on one, two, or three modules per semester.

In order to allow students to go at their own pace, TamTam Digital School.
has set up :

  • on-site day courses
  • on-site evening classes
  • remote classes

Students can choose according to their availability

Eric Tsogbe
Author: Eric Tsogbe