Planned Careers


Software Development and User Interfaces

Software tester | Software architect/ software engineer | Computer/ Web programmer- App developer | Network technician/ specialist | Cybersecurity specialist | User experience designer/ user interface specialist | Technical support engineer | Software bug researcher | White hat hacker


Big Data and Data Science

Data researcher | Data input specialist | Data analyst | Data storage specialist | Data scientist/ statistician/ big data specialist | Data engineer


Digital Marketing and Social Media Influence

Social media manager | Affiliate marketer | Customer service representative/ inbound marketer | Search engine optimization (SEO) consultant/ App store optimizer | Social media influencer/ video blogger | Localization specialist | Journalist/ reporter | Online market scout/ discoverer | Market researcher


eCommerce and Logistics

eCommerce store owner | eCommerce platform participant | Dropshipping reseller


Digital Creative Arts

Video editor | Video maker/ filmmaker | Graphic designer | Entertainer/ KOL | Musician/ singer/ DJ | Animation/ special effects specialist | Photo/video composition specialist | Music/playlist composition specialist

TamTam Hackathon 2020

TamTam Hackathon is an annual thematic event during which participants work on a numeric innovative solution in record time.