Students Stories

meet Tamtamians !!

Emefa Nofeli Tettey

By choosing TamTam Digital School, I’m convinced I’ve made the right decision to improve my e-Commerce & Logistics skills.

Josué Komlavi Davo

By joining TamTam Digital School, I know I’ll benefit from a cutting-edge learning program, specifically designed to meet the

Gatien Gnakou-Edjambo

Choosing TamTam Digital School to improve my skills in application development and user interface is a decision that is

Joel Nagnimari

Developing my skills in UI/UX Design Maker Tools & Digital Arts is essential for my career choice.

Aarben Abotchi

It’s a pleasure to be starting my digital marketing career with TamTam

Daniel Agossou

TamTam gave me a chance to showcase my talents as a creative artist. It’s a pleasure to take the