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Joel Boulari

The digital domain is a passion for me and through TamTam, I am deepening my knowledge to become an excellent application developer.

Daniel Agossou

TamTam gave me a chance to showcase my talents as a creative artist. It’s a pleasure to take the latest courses that allow you to

Paulin Kladi

Choosing TamTam is the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned the programming languages and understood how websites and applications work and how

Armel Matchame

Prospecting, processing and analyzing data in digital marketing is something I can brag about. Managing social networks to acquire more subscribers are some of the

Beau Bilike

You have to have passion and love for digital to decide to live this adventure with TamTam Digital School. A great experience in terms of

Eyram Essey

I liked the digital marketing classes because they helped me understand the basics of marketing, social media, inbound marketing, Google Ads, etc…I really gained in

Bright Sokpor

For me, digital is a revolution. Social networks have become a force to be reckoned with in order to assert one’s digital identity, increase one’s

Eliram Gbogbo

TamTam digital school has given me a plus in the evolution of my studies. TamTam opens the way for me to achieve my dreams. I

Prosper Alikizang

The opportunity was given to me at TamTam Digital School to develop my skills especially in database research and machine learning. My training at TamTam

Sena Kodjovi-Numado

Of my interest in the computer world; The opportunity was given to me at TamTam Digital School to develop my computer skills especially in web